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bluno Nano – A Arduino Nano with Bluetooth 4.0/Came in a Size of a Gum, The bluno Nano IS Perfect for BLE Projects with Limited Space or Weight.

Here Comes the Second Member en DFRobot bluno Family, The bluno Nano. Came in a Size of a Gum, The bluno Nano is perfect for ble projects with Limited Space or Weight. Everything Is getting Smart now: Wristbands and reloj monitor your Daily behaviours and become social; Phone Controlled Camera complementos Move and Take Shots as you like; Smart Gardens Grow virt ually in your iPad and Sharing is Made Easy... The Bluetooth Low Energy Technology Has Made It Easy and achievable. it is to see more and more Exciting Smart gadgets Poping Out, but, Isn 't Own Smart Building your own device and solving problema Even Cooler? de DFRobot S bluno Family Is First of its niño en Intergrating BT 4.0 (ble) en Arduino UNO, Making It An Ideal prototipos Platform for developers to go Wireless. you will be able to Develope your own Paracord, Smart Pedometer and more. through the low Power Bluetooth 4.0 Low energy Technology, real time communication can be made Really Easy así que integra a ti cc2540 BT 4.0 Chip with the Arduino Development Board bluno Nano. it allows Programming Wireless via ble, soporta Bluetooth HID, Supports at Command to config the ble ble actualización de firmware, and you can easily. bluno is also compatible with todos Pin Arduino which means Any Project Made with un can directly Go Wireless. whatsmore, we also Developed the App for the bluno (Android e iOS), and They Are completely Open Source, so that you can MODIFY and Develope your own hardware software Platform. Note: for Expanding I/O Ports, The bluno Nano is compatible with All Arduino Nano compatible Expansion escudos. if you want to use bluno Nano via other Expansion escudos, some extra wirings Will Be needed. Shipping List bluno Nano x1

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